Built-in Hob


  • Sealed burner design, avoiding food spills
  • Double-ring burner with individual flaming power and 5 modes of flame power adjustment
  • Thermal resistant ceramic cooper alloy burner cap
  • Instant electronic ignition
  • Professional anti-sliding cast-iron trivet
  • Heat-resistant tempered glass
  • Flame failure safety device / Safety lock
  • Delicate high-texture knob


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Dimensions(WxDxH)730 x 420 x 133 mm
Cut-off Dimensions(WxD)670 x 350 x R30 mm
Carton Dimension(LxWxH)-
Color/MaterialBlack/White tempered glass
Weight13 kg
Iignition TypeInstant electronic ignition
Electric SupplyDC1.5v x 1
Diameter of Gas Tube3/8" (9.5mm)
Gas SupplyLPG / TG
Gas Consumption(kW)LPG: Left 5.0 / Right: 5.0 , TG: Left 4.3 / Right 4.3
Burner Diameter-
Flame Failure Safety DeviceYes
Safety LockYes