Induction Hob


  • SCHOTT tempered glass with anti-explosion and heat-resistant features.
  • 8 modes heating selection & double hobs with 3.4 kW powerful heating performance.
  • Fixed temperature & fixed timer can be adjusted according to any cooking preferences.
  • The sensor on the device turns off heating when no cookware is on the induction hob.
  • Child Safety Lock.
  • Warning of residual temperature to prevent accidental burns.


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    Dimension (W*D*H)735 x 435 x 66 mm
    Cut-off Dimension (L*W)680 x 410 mm
    Panel MaterialSCHOTT tempered glass
    MAX Power Consumption3400W
    Heating Mode8 (60/90/120/150/180/200/220/240°C)
    Timer Setting540 minutes