• O3 disinfection combines with warming, drying, dedorization and anti-mould function which ensures utensils are sterilized
  • PTC hot air circulation and disinfection function
  • 60/45/30mins 3-different time setting (ozone 4. disinfection in first 10 mins)
  • Both hanging type and table-top type for selection
  • Stainless steel utensils rack
  • Excess water is collected at the water collector
  • Fully sealed design ensures hygiene and safety
  • Inner cabinet in stainless steel increases durability and cleanliness
  • 80℃ overheat protection device
  • Equipped with towel/paper rack and lighting at the bottom


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    No. of persons / Capacity2-4 persons (43 L)
    Product Dimensions (W x D x H)596 x 332 x 400 mm
    Weight11 kg
    MaterialDoor Panel-Thermal plastic panel
    -Inside-Stainless steel
    -Utensil Rack-Stainless steel
    Installation MethodHanging or Table-top type
    Lighting9 W PL Light
    Power SupplyAC220V / 50Hz
    Max. Rated Power240 W