Water heaters


  • Auto-temperature modulation with season changes
  • Patented Built-in pressurizing pump
  • Electronic temperature-modulated technology keeps stable hot water temperature
  • Auto break sensor safety device
  • Multiple safety protection design
  • Hot water supply 16L/min, flexible for installation


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    Product Dimensions(WxDxH)390 x 190 x660 mm
    Carton Dimension(LxWxH)-
    Weight24 kg
    Hot Water output (△25˚C)16L/min
    Gas supplyLPG / NG
    Gas Consumpton(LPG)33.1 kW(2.4 kg/h)
    Gas Consumpton(NG)33.1kW(28,500 kcal/h)
    IgnitionAutomatic electronic ignition system
    Exhaust systemFE type