• Three alkaline modes, one acid mode
  • Unique adverse balance fuction with patent, keeping the PH value steady
  • Hunman based operation panel and LCD display
  • High efficiency activated carbon rod filter cartridge with NSF certification, filtering the impruities efficiently.
  • PH value display
  • Filter catride signal
  • Using alkaline mode no.1 when you are cooking rice, you will find out the flavor cna be highly improved.
  • Using alkaline mode no.2 when you are making tea, the more theophylline can be produced and the taste will be better.
  • Using alkaline mode no.3 after exercised, the lost electrolyte can be replenished.
  • It will help you to clean off the cuticle if you use acid mode no.1 when washing face or taking a bath.


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    FiltrationSingle stage filter
    Material of filter cartridgeNSF-Certified Activated Carbon Rod Filter Cartridge (SQC)
    Suitable water pressure0.5 ~ 3.5 kg/cm2 (0.05-0.35MPa)
    Impurities that can be purified1.Asbestos impurities 2.0.5 micrometer impurities 3.Cryptosporidium 4.Chlorine 5.mineral 6.microorganism
    Lifespan1.Filter suggest replacing time: 1 year (7,600 L) 2.Electrobath lifespan:1,000HRS (continuously using) 3.(According to the water quality in TW)
    Advantages1.It is helpful to the blood circulation and the metabolism. 2.Keeping the PH valuer 9.0-9.5, which is the most appropriate alkalinity
    Dimension230 x 340 x 180 mm
    Net weight15 Kg
    Suitable temperatureSuitable temperature
    VoltageAC 110V 50/60HZ