• Doulton ceramic faucet
  • Speedy exchange joint design
  • The integrated design of hunman based grip
  • Obtained the SGS water quality certificate-qualifies the national drinking water standard
  • High efficiency activated carbon rod filter cartridge with NSF certification, filtering the impruities efficiently.


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    FiltrationThree stages filter
    Material of filter cartridge1.5μPP filter cartridge 2.Doulton ceramic filter candle 3.High quality coconut shell activated carbon + KDF
    Suitable water pressure0.3~10 kg/cm2(5~141 PSI)
    Impurities that can be purified1.0.5 micrometer impurities 2.Bad smell 3.Chlorine 4.Trihalomethanes 5.Bleaching agents 6.Pesticide 7.Microorganism
    Lifespan1.5μPP filter cartridge(suggest replacing time:3 months) 2.High quality coconut shell activated carbon(suggest replacing time:6 months) 3.High quality coconut shell activated carbon + KDF(suggest replacing time: Depends on water quality) (According to the water quality in TW)
    AdvantagesIt is helpful to the blood circulation and the metabolism.
    Dimension380 x 420 x 145 mm
    Net weight8.5 Kg
    Suitable temperatureSuitable temperature
    Voltage110V/60HZ DC 24V